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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blind Dates....

So I went on my 4th blind date over a 10 month period this last Thursday. 
And yes, these were all actual blind dates, they still do exists, even with Facebook. 
I hadn't seen any of them prior, and I didn't really know much about any of them. 

blind date #1: It was one of those that you are with the person for about 5 minutes and you immediately know that this is going to go no where, so you "suffer" through the next few hours till its over. It also had me questioning the person that set us up, and what he really thought of me (to set me up with that!). It may sound rude, but we have all been there. sometimes you just know it's a waste of time.

blind date # 2: My boss set me up on this one. The first thing I asked my boss was if he was decent looking. (I'm not looking to marry someone like ryan reynolds...although that would be nice...but I do have to be physically attracted of course. so I asked) he told me after some hesitation....he's not bad. That wasn't a good sign.  He came and picked me up and took me to a ward activity (he is in a family ward, mind you) it was a luau/fundraiser. It was awkward and there was definitely no interest in a second date.

blind date #3: A friend of mine, Cory, set me up with one of his freinds. This one was interesting to say the least... .and by interesting, I mean it sucked. We went to the BYU womens soccer game. It ended up being me, my date, and his 2 guy friends (one of which was Cory, the one who set us up) so I was the only girl. They picked me up and we headed to provo. Most of the talking was done between the 3 guys. We get there and its POORING rain. I wasn't prepared for that and didn't have a jacket and the game ended up being delayed for an hour due to the lightening. WE. WAITED. IN. THE. RAIN. I'm not a soccer fan. Especially womens soccer. My date didn't really talk to me. He commented on the legs of the soccer players. He didn't open my door. He picked me up straight from work....and we didn't eat on the date. On the car ride home, he started texting. Definitely no second date there.

blind date # 4. This was the most recent..... we planned a date for last Wednesday. He called and rescheduled for the following week because he had to go to a funeral. Well the next week rolls around and we are supposed to go out in 24 hours and I haven't heard from him. so I text him asking if he was still planning on it. He texts me back and says "Yes. What time do you get off? Have you ever eaten at IN-N-OUT?" .....what!!? i was mortified! was this kid actually thinking of taking me to a fast food joint comparable, in my mind, to McDonalds?! I replied and said "i get off at 5:30 and yes I have..."  by this time I was beginning to consider going on a blind date hiatus for a while. I didn't hear from him till the next day (the day of our date) he text me saying that we would be going to the grizzlies hockey game and eating dinner there. This was definitely a step up from In-N-Out. He came and picked me up, he was running a little late and was worried about not being to the game when it started. He has never been to a game so I assured him that we wouldn't be missing much if we missed the first part f the game! He then said "In that case, let's go to the Lion House Pantry to eat first."  I felt much better with that idea! This is where he started to redeem himself from the in-n-out question. We got there, ate, talked, and lost track of time. We noticed the workers cleaning tables around us and so I asked them what time they closed. One girl said we closed 20 minutes ago! I felt so bad! We obviously missed the game (which was fine by me!) so we decided to walk around temple square to see the lights. We got to watch a Christmas program in the tabernacle by the UVU choir, which he was actually a part of for 3 years. It was really a great program. We ended the night at my house where we talked some more and then he left for his hour drive home. 
This is the first blind date (that i can remember) that i have been on that I actually enjoyed. The conversation was great. He could hold his own an it wasn't awkward at all. A second date is definitely a consideration! So, we'll see!!

just got the call for a second date!


  1. Ashlee! I love your blog post especially this one! Can't wait to read how the second date goes!!

  2. wow...to the first 3 dates! seriously!! I especially can't believe that 3rd one! or the 2nd...haha....I'm glad #4 went good...I want to hear more about this one!! miss you and love you!

  3. Okay, can I get a chance to say a few things about the date #3? First off, be was a jerk, NOT the guy that I have been good friends with. I haven't seen him or even really talked to him since that night, and I had a few not so friendly words for him after you got dropped off. Gosh, he was NOT the guy that I remember hanging out with! If I recall it correctly, I think I was the guy that got your door, a few times.
    I honestly can't apologize enough for his behavior, and I've essentially disowned him as a friend. Sorry again!