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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


What does one do when you are sent home from work early, 
to beat the storm before it hits??
Gather the sisters for a birthday celebration at The Old Spaghetti Factory of course!
{that is, AFTER hitting up Target to stock up on batteries for the expected power outage. you know.. cause of the end.of.the.world utah blizzard}

Happy Birthday to Courtney!


i would just like to publicly thank the media for blowing this "blizzard" waaaay out of proportion.
it got me out of work 2 hrs early. and made for some good cozy sister time


  1. right?? i had a good chuckle when i awoke this morning

  2. Now, I have ONE question for you. Were you taking a picture of that sign, from your cell phone, while driving? I'm sure that's gotta break the law. Nice work!