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Monday, November 1, 2010

well here we are a month later and i am just
getting around to blogging.
yep i suck.
setting goals is useless.
but i am going to try to be better,
AND catch up on my blogging material.

but before i catch up, i'm going to copy an idea from Amy

i LOVE this idea so my first post back into the bl
ogging world is going to be day
one of
things i am grateful for.


!i got a new car a couple weeks ago.
this was MUCH needed, as mine was on the outs, headed towards car heaven very quickly.
i had my previous car for about 8 years. it was a good car, until it started being a crappy car!
i started having problems with it, and was DREADING winter coming up. My car wasn't safe, or reliable and with my 50+ mile commute everyday, my car was my biggest worry with winter fastly approaching.
i am blessed beyond measure. i am in no place to purchase a car right now.
all i can say is that i am being watched over and looked after, and prayers ARE answered.
i couldn't be happier. i would have been grateful for a used car that would get me by, but a NEW car straight off the lot with 8 miles on it!!! HELLO! I am very blessed.
so today i am grateful for my new, safe, reliable car.


  1. Nice ride Ash!! hahah yup blog stocker i am totally watching you. haha

  2. Ash look at you! This is a big step for you :) Love it- and I'm sure you do too. How exciting..