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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Utah State Capital

i have lived in utah all my life.
so this building isn't new to me.
i have driven past it many many times. 
i took a tour of it back in elementary school.
i even had a highschool dance there.
and this past summer, attendended the weekly "movie under the stars" on the lawn of the capitol.
but until i moved to slc, i never really LOOKED at this building.
it is beautiful!
this is what i see when i stand outside on my balcony.
when i moved into my apartment downtown, this was the first thing i noticed about my location......
my (somewhat obstructed) view of the 
just last week, i was happy to find that they cut down the tree that was 'obstructing' my view of this beautiful building.
now its all i see!!
i LOVE it! 
who could as for a better view!?
 now, if i could just get a job there! i could walk to work and see my work from my apartment!

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  1. Cute blog Ash. I can't figure out how to follow you though!