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Thursday, November 25, 2010

tis the season

i recently mentioned in a blog post that i am a scrooge and have NO holiday spirit 
that's starting to change. but just a tiny bit.
i'm still in no mood for the hustle and bustle of the holidays...
but with our BIG utah blizzard the other night, thanksgiving today,
and watching these two movies with my sisters last night, its starting to come.

 is it weird that 3 of my top 6 favorite movies of all time
are christmas movies?
these being two of the three. the other, home alone of course. but only the very first one
these are classics!!
and full of great one liners!

"i'm singing.....i'm in a store..and i'm singing....i'm in a store and i'm SINGING!!"

"SANTA!!!! i know him!!"

"byyyye buddy....hope ya find yur dad"

"buddy the elf. whats your favorite color?"

"merry christmas. sh!tter was full"

"now that there's an R.V."





1 comment:

  1. and my favorite!!! . . .

    "I'm a cotten headed nini muggins!" lol