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Friday, November 19, 2010

recent randoms

michelle, me, meleea, ashley marie
our new presidency! =) love these girls!

me and brooke at the corn maze

erin, cohen, eliza, holly, taylin, brigham, ashley, remi, me
the highschool besties! 
we had a baby shower for holly, who is expecting twins!
i can't believe there is going to be 7 kids between the 4 of us
none of which are mine  

Keys on Main for Halloween.
sooo SO much fun!
me, aubry and brooke got pulled up on stage by this piano player 
thats right, you don't HAVE to be drunk at a bar to be entertaining. 
we are proof!

first 100 miles put on my new car!

1 comment:

  1. Holly is having TWINS!!!! What thE! That is so awesome!! Assuming that it is the Holly I know, and if it isn't . .well that is still AWESOME