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Thursday, November 18, 2010

playing catch-up

I haven't had much time lately to get on here and blog daily about the things that
I am grateful for, but it is still a daily thought.
so here are a few to catch up...

my good health
I am so so lucky to have such a healthy body.
I don't have any major health issues
besides my stupid headaches & migraines
but i'll take that over all the other things that people suffer from!

this beautiful fall weather
i love the fall
not as much as summer though--for the record
other than the fact that winter follows, it is so pretty and enjoyable.
it's a great time of year.
perfect for soup and hoodies and cuddle buddies.

my testimony/knowledge of the Gospel
my knowledge of the gospel isn't very vast, but i have a very strong testimony of the Church.
it gives me so much comfort in situations on a daily basis

my siblings
we have all been through alot together
i'm just glad they are there for me
i love them all

this is kinda a weird one, but i am grateful for blogging.
i love to blog
even though i suck at it and am NOT consistent but its a great release and my own little corner of the world wide web
i also love it cause i can keep up with the lives of my
friends who have moved away and have babies and husbands and lives of their own

which leads me to my next thing....

spell check
i suck at spelling.
not much else needs to be said about this one!

my job
this is an obvious one.
who isn't grateful for a steady income right?

my ward
i'm so grateful for my ward and all the friends that
i have made there. we have an amazing bishopric that i love dearly.
their wives are also awesome and sacrifice so much for our ward

without it, i would be a depressed person.

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