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Saturday, November 20, 2010

just thinking

its been a while since i did a post about my random thoughts. so here they are....
in no particular order:

  •  best extra curricular activity: people watching
  •  i have been a total scrooge this year. i didn't dress up for halloween. i am not making thanksgiving dinner, instead we are going out (weird i know) but i dont want to deal this year. i got bugged today when someone said merry christmas to another person at the post office. i can't even get myself to listen to the christmas music stations, usually i am one of the ones that start listening on nov 1. (don't judge)  & i think i will have to force myself to put up a tree this year. what is WRONG with me!?!
  • got a call a couple days ago from a friend of the fam telling me that she found my husband and asked if she could give him my number. UMM hello! YES!! and hurry please!! i've waited 26 years for him. i'm READY
  • i hate the thought of being replaced (or faded out. this has happened more than i would like as of late)
  • gained 10 lbs. fml
  • whats with everything closing at 10? if i want cafe rio at 10 at night i should be able to get it. especially living downtown. 
  • brickbreaker. new obsession. i need to beat my stupid high score.  
  • its been 7 months since i have been out of the state.....its time again. get me outta here.
  • i heard its supposed to snow all weekend.  i guess that means that winter is officially here. if you need me, i will be in my warm bed for the next few months. 
  • ryan reynolds made the sexiest man alive this year. shocker. he will undoubtedly make my 2010 grownup christmas list once again.
  • i need a blog makeover. 
  •  i can't believe how FAST time flies. my lease is already up next month! what the..!
  • i am pretty sure that my electricity bill is going to be about 10 bucks next month. beat that!
  • i don't like using punctuation. end of sentence punctuation is fine { !?. } but using { ' }...i'd rather not. i only do it so that i don't look like i'm an uneducated dummy. but sometimes allota times i won't. i'll just say your instead of using the correct you're, just to avoid the punctuation. i'm lazy. sames goes with capatalizing first letters at the beginning of a sentence.
  • moroni 7:33



  1. You can come to Oregon!!!

    And I want to hear about how things go with the potential future husband:)

  2. it's ok... i've totally gain 40 pounds {in ONE year}!
    p.s. holly! i wanna come too!!!!!!

  3. humm. . . Love the scripture at the end! and of course love the just thinking-ness! lol