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Sunday, November 28, 2010

it's snowing.

what the freak?
where was all the hullabaloo concerning THIS storm?!
in my personal opinion this is much worse than what we got with
all the uproar of the last storm.....
you know.....the end.of.the.world blizzard
and i didn't hear a word about it prior.
church got out early today. thats the first time i remember that happening in my ward
{not to say it hasn't happened to me before, i just don't recall}
i b.a.r.e.l.y made it up my driveway. b.a.r.e.l.y got out of the church parking lot.
all i have to say is, today,  i am sooo grateful for the remote start on my car. 
BEST invention ever.
i'm also grateful for the couple of people who scraped off the windows of my car. 

1 comment:

  1. Ya we drove to bountiful today we would not have gone if we would have known the roads where going to be terrible! I hate driving in the snow! We saw so many slide offs and accidents today, it was bad.