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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fa la la la la

it's that time of year again. 
sooo thats what we did for f.h.e tonight.
i was really considering not going
because i just can't deal with the cold.
my body HATES it and gets angry when its cold.
but i went. with a hundred layers on.
and i'm glad i did.
and can i just say, i LOVE where i live. i just walked right down to the temple from my house. 
avoided all the parking shenanigans. 
i was sad to see that my favorite tree was not lit this year. 
the one on the right side of the south temple entrance
sad day. i heard it was to preserve the health of the tree or something. they are switching every year.
who knows.
and remember when they used to do the candy windows at ZCMI!!
i really miss that! 
i guess its time to let the christmas spirit in.
im actually looking more forward to getting my tree up now. 
and i turned my heater on in my apartment for the first time this year.
i guess it was due to end.of.the.world. blizzard v2.0
it finally got cold enough up here on the third floor that i gave in and turned it on. 
we sure did get alot of snow this weekend.
i think its enough to last all winter, so lets just have that be it!
no more! whose with me?

here are a few pics of the night at temple square

1 comment:

  1. Wow it doesn't look like they have as many lights as in the past. I useful go to see the lights once or twice a year but I haunt been for 4 years! Sad maybe we will go this year Aaron and I both hate the cold so we will see, we will for sure go with our kids though. I also loved the zcmi candy windows it was so sad when they stopped doing that.