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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2

Day two of things I am grateful for:

my church calling.

this year upon joining a new ward, i got called as the second councilor in the
relief society presidency.
well this sunday our presidency got re-organized.
so i got a call sunday morning for an appt with the bishopric.
i figured this was what was happening and didn't really think much past that till i got into the office and sat down.
brother castleberry proceeded to tell me that they were reorganizing the presidency and that they were going to release me.
my heart immediately sank.
my hands started sweating, and a million and one thoughts started rushing through my head.
in what felt like WAY too long, seconds passed and he then continued to tell me that i was being called as the first councilor.
i knew i loved my calling, but until that moment, when i actually thought i was done,
i didn't realize just how much.
the thought alone of being released brought immediate emotion. unexpected emotion.
but luckily they aren't through with me just yet!
thank heavens!
i told brother casltleberry how rude it was of him to tell me i was getting released (with a pause) BEFORE telling me that i was being called. ha! he gets way too much joy out of giving me a hard time!
i am so excited to work with the new sisters in the presidency and get to know them.
i couldn't ask for a better president to work with
michelle is an amazing woman, friend and servers in her calling always giving 110%
i feel that i am right where i am supposed to be


  1. yay! you are back! and congrats on the new calling. it was so good to see you last night- we need to all get together again soon!

  2. This is so happy!! Congrats on the new calling! Love ya Ash!

  3. welcome back!
    how i've missed you!
    i'm grateful for you calling too!

  4. Oh wow- You're just movin' right up! Congrats!