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Friday, June 18, 2010


its finally friday!

im glad.

i dont really have anything important to say (as usual)

other than i am bored at work so here i am

(bored as in, i dont want to do the work that should be getting done right now. not to be confused with bored as in i dont have any work to do.)


today i would really like to relive


last night was a bummer.....


I finally found out that my new apartment will be ready

on wednesday. the only problem is, i will be out of town for the weekend

so i think im going to have to move during the week.

thats. going. to. suck.


I have a HOT date tomorrow night....!! =)

with these two ladies


can't wait


yesterday my aunt said this to me

"if you get married....."

the rest of that sentence doesn't matter

but the fact that she said

IF and not WHEN

was really depressing

it made the possibility of me not

ever getting married actually realistic in my mind



i beat my goal, #10 (& goal) yet again

(to liz: i drive a '98 mazda 626 nothing special, just alot of freeway driving to work)


pointless post

hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yard Sale!!!

hey everybody!

i'm moving.

I need to get rid of lots of stuff.

a yard sale is in order.


this saturday


at my house

(email me for address ashlee.nps@gmail.com)

8:30 am till everything is gone

lots of craft/scrapbooking stuff, furniture, games, odd n ends

See you there!!