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Thursday, May 13, 2010


My name is Ashlee Wray, and I have an Addiction.
They say the first step to recovery is admitting it so here I am.
For some girls its shoes.
For some its Bags.
For some people its drugs, alcohol, gaming, eating, you name it...
For me...It's traveling.
I can't get enough.
It seems to be all I think about.
When I have a trip to look forward to,
EVERYTHING is better.
Once the recent trip is over,
I am looking to plan the next.
For many of us, our "addictions" can put us into debt.
Luckily I pay cash for all my travels and have aquired no debt becaues of it.
I must put that out there, call it justification, I dont care!
Recently I returned from a wonderful 10 day vacation to Mexico and California
(pictures to come..)
Not even one week went by from being home, before I was trying to get the next one planned
I found out that tix to Australia were going for $750.00 round trip!
This is unheard of! These usually run between $1200-1600!
I immediately had to start searching for travel buddies.
Please note: Australia is the next place to visit on my wish list!
Well my conscious kicked in, (luckily) and I decided that i needed to refrain this time
which was sooooo hard becuae i will probably never see rates this low again.
But I need money for fall semester so....No Australia (YET)
So then a week after that, a close friend of mine, extended the invitation to meet him down in
Florida for a few days to go to Disneyworld!
I definately had to see if this was feasable.
Again, It is really hard for me to pass up any oppertunity to travel. : /
Once again, I decided to pass. Each time I have to do this gets harder and harder! But after
a couple days of debate and looking at the budget, again, no can do =(
Then.....This week another temptation came my way. You would think that by now, after all these other recent temptations that I would immediately
say no and pass up an amazing deal. But NO. I actaully had to give it some thought
I came across round trip tix to Long Beach for $20.00
What!?!? 20 bucks! yep. So I started making some calls.
They were for only Tues and Wed of this week so it
was going to be a VERY last minute thing. (this was Monday)
I would have had to tell my boss, "hey i'm not coming in tues or wed" with one days notice,
that alone should have been the thing that triggered the immediate
response to pass this up.
But I actaully considered it =(
Luckily one of the freinds that I called, talked some sense into me,
reminding me that its not just 20 bucks. Its 2 days of missing work. Its a hotel, and food etc.
But my addiction blinds me from thinking that way!! It blinds me from thinking logically!
I just want to go!! All the time!!
Some people pawn stuff to get there next fix.
*I sell stuff on ebay to afford my next fix
Some people take drastic measures.
*I trade my motorcycle helmet for buddy passes.
Some people walk the streets to find the best deals on what they *NEED*
*I am subscribed to 3 different sites that email me weekly with the cheapest
travel prices.
And there you have it. I have addmitted my problem.
But do I really want to recover from this addiction? No!
No one likes to give up what they love! Luckily my addiction doesnt effect my life negetively in any way! (at least I dont think so! no debt, no physical effects, no losing loved ones over it,)
My addiction gets me out into the world,
expolring, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures!
I can never give it up.
Let this be a fair warning to my future husband!

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  1. I say why not! I would love to do that, but there is no way to afford it. Travel as much as possible while you can, it gets harder when you get married I'm not saying it's impossible but it gets harder mostly because everything doubles, two airline tickets two disney tickets double the meals everything! And once you have a baby then it becomes even harder. Maybe when I stop breastfeeding I can run away on a weekend trip with you and leave the baby with the hubby!