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Thursday, May 27, 2010

movin on up...

for those of you who don't know..
i'm moving.
i found a place downtown, in the avenues.
thats right, i'm gonna be livin in the city, and i couldn't be more excited.
if your wondering what you should get me,
you know,
as an apartment warming present,
well here are a few ideas.
i'll just take the guess work out for ya!
your welcome.
(keep in mind i dont move till the end of june. that will give you plenty of time to shop)

one of these:
{[found here]}

this print:
{[found here]}

this:{[found here]}

this necklace (LOVE IT):
{[found here]}

and this:
{[found over here]}

now, i know what you are thinking,
half of this stuff isn't even for a house/apartment
whoever said a housewarming gift had to be
something for the house?!
there are no rules saying you have to
get something for the house.
so there ya go.


  1. Brilliant. Love it! When you're ready for decorating day, call on me! ... like, after moving day :) no doubt there's a special little something in ca for YOU!

  2. Beautiful things Ashlee. I drove by your new place quite a few times this week (there are sisters in my ward that live just a block away from you). I'm sure you will love it there!

  3. We're going to be neighbors-ish!