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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Globe Trotter

this time last year,
i was wandering around Europe.
[spain, italy & france]
loved it.
miss it.
Here are some pics of my adventure.


  1. One day Ashlee... I'll have a post like this!

  2. genius.

    i'm a week out from my two year switzerland - italy - france anniversary. and since i wasn't a blogger back then, i never posted my pictures.

    you inspired me.

  3. i miss this place too!! That was SO much fun. Look how artsy you are- you could definitely sell some of these. I love talking about our trip so casually and have people say "What?! That's awesome!". And that's exactly what it was :)

  4. Could you look more beautiful? Especially in the black shirt and jean jacket with perhaps one of the most gorgeous places as a backdrop! Love you Ash!