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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well I have been wanting my next blog post to be my trip to Mexico,
but I am still waiting for pics from my friends,
and I am bored right now,
so I am doing a blog post of random pics taken on my phone,
That I will probably never do anything with.
So here they
(In no particular order)

Freak hale storm in the middle of April!

I {heart} this stuff

I also {heart} her

Mickey Ears

Sailin' Away!

TOO close for comfort

AWESOME chair @ the D.I

General Conference with Nathan

A plumber who does Astrology and Hypnotizing! Now that's covering all the bases!

A RAINBOW on my Birthday!!

And when did micro machines "come back"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

California Dream

I think that I may have lived the California Dream yesterday!
A motorcycle ride to the beach,
with a cute boy.
Saw dolphins while we were there!!
Followed by a
Bonfire at the beach that night.
(not to mention the perfect weather and palm trees)
Could it get any better!?
I think not!
(I may have to relocate)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Logic vs. Emotion?

The more and more I evaluate myself, the more I realize how
much I look at situations/circumstances/people/arguments/views/relationships etc, using
emotion rather than logic.
I am feeling more and more like this is the harder
of the two.
I am a very passionate person. (Take that how you want)
I base many decisions/feelings on the immediate emotion that I feel,
before I start thinking "logically".
I am finding that this puts me in much more of a vulnerable state.
I almost wonder if taking the alternate route and thinking
logically before emotionally would make things a little easier.
But that's just not me.
Logic doesn't seem to be as much of a let down. It is what it is. Emotion is the opposite.
There is so much more involved when making decisions based on emotion.
And they are not always the right ones.
Of course.
Maybe what I need to do is find out how to achieve a
harmonious balance between the two?
Or Maybe I just accept who I am as an 'emotional person' and accept that fact that with emotion there is a bit more letdown.
(but also in my opinion, a bit more gratification)