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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My thoughts today are random.
Here are a few :
(actually this is more than a few, don't read this if you are bored, it will only make you MORE bored)

1. I need to stop drinking coke

2. I think that I have people fooled into thinking I am a photographer. I have had two requests from people to do their family and or engagement pics. hmmmm

3. I have a new found appreciation/love for Skype ;)

4. I am so excited for April for the following reasons: Visit from a California-ITE, Cruise to MEXICO, visit to Camarillo, Conference!! What a great month!

5. I did something stupid, I put oil in my car and forgot to put the oil cap back on : / luckily they only cost $7.00

6. Today was a beautiful day and makes me so excited for the warm weather!!

7. I can not spell. (please don't judge me)

8. Free lunch on the boss man is great!!

9. Cafe Rio has surprisingly grown on me.

10. I got 458 miles on my last tank of gas! My newest short term goal is to beat that! Great Goal I know.

11. This is a pointless post. Especially since I have yet to post about my trip to California and my Birthday! What am I doing?!

12. I have a hair appt on Saturday, I think I am going BLONDE.....hmmm

13. St. Patrick's day tomorrow! Gotta pull out my green!! I miss the good old days when the toilet water and bread was green on this special day!

14. I am 26 years old now..... =( I voiced it for the first time last night and I think I had a mini mid-life crisis.

15. I love my friends.


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