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Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Venture To Ventura...

I recently ventured to California to Visit this one:
I took a break after leaving N.P.S
and before starting my new job, so rather than sitting at home for a week, I of course decided to head to Cali.
Kim unfortunately had to work the whole week (she
is a nanny) So the majority of the weekend was spent with these little guys:
(plus 2 more)

I was lucky to have a free place to stay, so complaining about kids 24-7 would
have been very ungrateful. (right?)
There is one person that got a bit of my private complaints, and that was this kid:

He was nice enough to get some friends together for a night hike so that Kim and I could get away from the kids for a bit =) (haha much needed)
It was a super fun hike that led to a cool cave and waterfall and it was fun to meet a couple more of Kim's Ca
lifornia friends!
The rest of the week was spent shopping,
annying, (is that a word?),
massages, pedicures, eating,
playing with kids, beach and so on.

Nate was once again to the rescue a
nd snatched me away from the kids on my last night in Cali. Don't get me wrong, I just LOVE kids, and these ones are freaking adorable, but I could only take so much of them on my little vaca/getaway. We headed out and went and saw When in Rome. Cute movie, very random and weird, but funny. Not to mention we were 2 of 4 people in the whole theater!! The best part though was definitely the company. =) It was definitely a great way to end my stay in California!

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