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Sunday, February 14, 2010

..It's in the Air....

A few weeks ago, as my facebook status I posted the following: "I need a change!"
Boy did I get what I asked for......
Last weekend, in a matter of 24 hours, I decided to quit my job, got a new job, and got called to be the 2nd counselor of the Relief Society Presidency of my new ward (of a month and a half!) WOW I guess change is in the air!!
I am so optimistic about the opportunities that have presented themselves in my life recently! I have a lot going on, and a lot to look forward to. I decided to quit my job of 4 years. This was not an easy decision. I have grown to love some of the people that I work with and love what I do. Unfortunately with some changes that were made within the company, I was no longer happy there and I was not getting out of my job what I was putting into it. So the decision had to be made. I am SO so blessed because I had a job the day after I decided to quit. I realize how many people are struggling with getting work right now, which makes me that much more grateful for my new job and the fact that I even have a job. The Lord definitely has had a hand in these changes that I am going through. Which leads me to the next change, which is my new calling of second counselor in the R.S Presidency!! I have only been in the ward for just over a month, so you would think that this type of calling would have come to a surprise. But for some reason when they asked me if I would accept the calling, I was not really surprised. I think it is going to be a great fit for me and I am so excited about it. (also nervous!) It will be such a good way to get involved in my new ward, and a great way to serve. I was sustained and set apart today, so its official!
Tomorrow I start my last week at N.P.S. I will then take a week off, head to Cali and come back to start my new job in South Jordan on March 1st. Not to long after that, (8 days) I will turn 26!! : / Which is another changed I will have to get used to!! I think that one is going to be the scariest lol.
I would also like to make a shout out to my BFF. . . .Jill Jensen, who just got engaged and will be leaving me in the world of singlehood =) I LOVE you and am so so soooooooo Happy for you and Cameron!! He is one lucky fella ;)