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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Help Me!!

Attention Everyone!!
I am starting a "craft blog" mainly consisting of
"revamped", recycled", "redesigned", "refashioned", "re-used"
creations made from things that normally people might throwout or donate to your local thrift store.
So, I am asking you for your things! Next time you have a load (small or large) to run to the D.I. call me instead!
I will come pick it up (or you can come to me). As un-usable as you think your things could be.
I'm talking everything from...clothes, (mens, womens, kids etc), home decor, SMALL furniture, blankets, sheets, whatever it is you have that you would donate.
It will help me,
and you might see your stuff end up reused on my blog! =)
You can just comment here, or email me at ashlee.nps@gmail.com.


P.s. I am only allotted the space in my car, so I will take what I can fit in my car =)


  1. I am in the process of cleaing out my house and getting rid of stuff I don't have much yet but I will let you know when I'm finished and you can have it!

  2. how far are you willing to travel:D