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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I was privilaged enough to spend new years with my jill =) we headed out for dinner at the bayou. it was another one of our little (pub) adventures. and very yummy

after dinner we headed to the gastation..... jill needed an a.t.m and I...... an energy drink.....
(below is a glimpse of my first experience drinking an energy drink)
I was a little weary at first but jill gave me the following advice:
<Drink It..Love It..Do It>
well, i drank it, i did it, but i didn't love it
but it made for many laughs!

a night isn't complete without a photo shoot with jill. new years eve is definitely no exception:

we had a few things that we needed to decide from for the night,
after we headed to an institute activity
(that blew) we headed to
3ve downtown.

we headed to the dance party where we encountered a dirty dancing couple, that was very entertaining, people moshing all around us, and not even and inch of room to move! it was craziness....but very fun!Happy New Year!!


  1. YAY! Happy New Year's to us! I has such a blast with you and it was the perfect way to end our year and start a new one - TOGETHER!

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