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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Get Out And Live

So, Jill, Brooke and I decided to volunteer for the dew tour this year.
But before you go on to thinking what great people we are.....
I feel the need to tell you that we did it
to get something......
We Volunteered through the G.O.A.L foundation (go out and live)
which promoted the "Get a Day, Give a Day" program in wh
ich you give a
day of service, and get a free day to Disneyland.
So this is the reason we did it
(as well as helping out and the great satisfaction of giv
ing of our time!)
So we now have a day to Disney! Which we will be using in April while we
are in California for our cruise to Cab
o!! (so excited!)It ended up being alot of fun! Cold, but fun!

1 comment:

  1. That is funny I just signed up to do that yesterday! But I will be making blankets! What a great deal huh! Have fun in Disneyland! We will be going to Dinsney World in November for our 5 year anniversary!