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Friday, January 1, 2010


Dear 2009,

You have come and gone, in what seems like the blink of an eye. You have brought many great things. You have witnessed many ups, and many downs. I am so grateful for all the wonderful things that happened throughout the year. Here are just a few highlights that will go down in history:

A New best friend!

Lots of travels, Including San Fran, Santa Monica, Spain, Italy and France!

Promotion to Supervisor @ work

As the new year is here, along with millions of other people, I am reflecting on the things that I know need to change, and things that I need to work on or improve. Here are a few that I will be working on:

Volunteering at Primary Children's Hospital

Returning to school (yuck)

Losing 20 lbs by April

Making a budget (Saving more)

Making my own pickles

Less procrastination

And more scripture study (& spiritual growth)

This past year has brought an abundance of personal growth, I have learned so much about the person that I am and want to become. It is a little un-nerving to think about what a whole new year can bring. . .but I am ready!!

Bring it on 2010!!


  1. I love this! as un-nerving as a new year can be, it is also nice to have a fresh start!

    Here's to many new adventures with you this year!!!

  2. Okay, I know how late I am on posting here, but I have to say that I love your New Years goals. Very inspiring. Don't you love this time of year when you get to look forward to all the possibilities and dream big for yourself? It's going to be a great year for you Ashlee. I'm sure of it.
    *Let me know how the pickle-making goes!