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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh What a Night.....

Let the record show, Steve and I are no longer dating and have decided to just be friends. With that said, The two of us decided to go out this weekend, as just that, Friends. The plan was simple, we were going to head to the Festival of Trees, something we both had been wanting to do together. This is where the "simple" plan started to go sour. We found out that we had missed the Festival of Trees last weekend. So the plan formulated into heading downtown to attempt getting standby tickets for the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert, which quickly turned into just seeing the lights at Temple Square because Steve was still trying to get over a cold so standing outside for an hour and a half didn't sound to thrilling. I agreed because my cold has flared up again and I wasn't feeling too hot either. So the NEW plan was to head downtown to see the lights and get some dinner. Steve came and picked me up to discover how sick I was. He needed to go to the ATM so we headed to the bank where we sat at the ATM for about 5 minutes because the machine was running rediculously slow. This was the first of things to "go wrong". We then decided to take trax in to avoid the lack of parking downtown. This is where the night took an interesting turn. (When I say interesting, Please note, that I realize this whole post will more than likely only be "interesting" to Steve and I) We headed to the 2100 South stop. When we got there we discovered that the ticket machines were only taking coins, No Bills!! What?! Who carries around $8.00 in coins! So we decided to head to the 1300 South stop to see if we could get tickets there. Well Steve missed the exit for 1300 S. and got off on 9th. Rather than turning around, he decided to brave downtown and test our luck in trying to find a parking spot. With the way things has been going thus far, we both should have realized that we would NOT "get lucky" in finding somewhere to park. We drove around for a good 15 minutes or more, discussing the turn of events that had transpired so far, with no luck of finding a spot. After driving around in circles, Steves frustration got the best of him and he gave up. We headed back towards home and decided to go to Ihop for some dinner. Or I guess I should say breakfast! The way things had been going, it got us thinking about what else could possibly go wrong. A couple things we came up with: Ihop would be closed, all boarded up with not a soul in sight, or ordering something that they just happened to be out of. Luckily neither of those things happened, but we were sure not out of the woods yet as far as weird things happening. Our dear sweet waitress Alex, definately added to the weirdness of the night. In attempts not to be rude and publicly scrutinize someone that I don't know, I will spare Alex of my "thoughts" of her and just give you a couple examples of what happened. Among many things, Steve got asked how he would like his hash browns cooked. And the "hot chocolate nazi" wouldn't give him a refill on his hot chocolate. EVEN if he paid for another one!!!! Poor Alex, I really hope that she didn't catch on to the fact that our dinner entertainment was HER and that our laughter was centered around her! : / We are not very good people. This just proves that to be true! At times I couldn't even look at Steve cause I knew exactly what he was thinking and didn't want to start laughing right in front of her. Here is how we captured the moment:

We then headed to Steve's house to watch Groundhogs day. Followed by a recollection of the nights events along with a good laugh. The night was full of ups and downs and was very funny and ironic to say the least! It was good that we could both laugh at the situations and not let it "ruin" the night. I mentioned to Steve that it was a good thing that this wasn't a first date, Can you imagine?! We both made it home safe, which was a good thing, but when I got home, to top the night off, I was locked out of the house. I spent a cold 10 minutes outside waiting for my sister to arrive with the key.
It was definately an interesting way to start off our.... friendship, and I'm glad that Steve and I can both laugh at the same things and got a good laugh at the night. haha Thanks Steve!


  1. Don't forget, "Thanks for coming in gals!" =)

  2. That waitress sounds wacky!! I'm glad you were able to laugh about the night though and have fun. You're awesome and I hope you feel better soon!!

  3. I hope you gave her a great big tip!jk
    Sounds like a fun night :@)

    Just so you know I read your whole post with a headache...thats how much i love you...but it kinda made it hurt worse thinking of what you guys went thru!!

    ps. thank you for the updation.
    pps. whats with the lingering colds this year? i'm 'sick' of it! :|
    ppps. 3