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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conference Weekend!

This weekend, so far, has been a great weekend, Of course because it is General Conference time! I love it when this time comes around. Stacie and I decided, once again to head downtown to the conference center to see if we could get tickets for the Saturday morning session. This has come to be somewhat of a tradition, and I hope that we can continue doing it in the future. We go down and stand at the conference center, hoping to get tickets from anyone that may have extras. So far we have been successful every time! Today was no exception! Within 2 minutes of getting there we had 2 tickets! It was great!

The first session was great. It is always so great to be in the presence of the Prophet and Apostles. The spirit that is felt there is over whelming. It is such a unifying feeling knowing how many people around the world are all listening to the words of the Prophet as of members of the church. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and more words from the Lord's faithful servants.

1 comment:

  1. I have several things to say to you:

    1. I love the picture at the top of your blog, love it.
    2. That is so fun you went to conference, I love going to conference, but my pajamas won out this year.
    3. We need to have another blogging night.
    4. For being new at blogging, you are great at updating! I'm glad you are keeping on top of it and always updating, LOVE IT!
    5. We need to talk, I don't like not seeing each other.

    That's all. Love ya!