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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random Friday Night....

Last night was spent with some of my favorite people, Shannon, Jill and Stacie. We all accompanied Jill to her work bbq. Little did we know that Stacie would have a near death experience there! Among many children, some great bbq food and Jill's coworkers, Stacie was hit with a FLYING croquet ball! Fortunately it was in the shin and not in the head, regardless it was a very funny and obviously unexpected event! Knowing the sheer size and weight of a croquet ball, I wasn't sure weather to laugh or be concerned! Well I did both! The ball came flying towards all of us as we sat eating our food, as we all parted to dodge the ball, Stacie sat wondering what was going on, Just as the ball fell towards her and hit her in the shin! It was obvious that this had to have hurt but she took it like a trooper and was just fine! It was so funny!!
Shannon and I both wore red and white that night, Shannon polk-a-dots and I, stripes. Of course this had to be picture documented!

After some hamburgers, watching some soccer and croquet and a bit of mingling, we decided to head out. With the night still young, and nothing to do, we headed to Yogurt Stop! After some yumminess, we, as usual, got wrapped up in a photo shoot! I dont think that an activity can go by without some pictures taken! Thats one thing I love about these girls. We are always up for some picture taking and thats exactly what we did!
The night was so much fun and I was so happy to spend it with these girls! There is never a dull moment when we are together and I love every minute of it! =)


  1. I love that we post the same things. It's cute. You were all nice to come with me to the BBQ, I was glad you were there, even at the sacrifice of Stacie's shin.

  2. hey this is lindsey, I love that you are now in the blogging world!!! my blog is bunkeranddizz.blogspot.com

  3. Hey, that's me! LOVE your blog Ashlee. And I love that we are friends. It was so good to laugh with you Friday night. I do have to say though, I miss the bald picture...! ;-)