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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Blogging Partaaaaay!!!!

This is how it began! Well I needed some help learning how to blog, and Jill being the blogging pro, and the one that inspired me to enter the blogging world, was the perfect candidate to teach me! She was nice enough to agree so we decided to have a little blogging party! We had some Pei Wei take out. Yummy! But there was just one thing, they only gave us ONE fortune cookie! duh! So I said disapointedly, JILL! THEY ONLY GAVE US ONE, and proceeded to open the one that we did get.......only to find TWO fortunes in it! It was sooooo funny! What are the chances of that happening! It was Awesome!! We then proceeded to begin the blogging! But not without some photo taking of course! =)

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