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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random Friday Night....

Last night was spent with some of my favorite people, Shannon, Jill and Stacie. We all accompanied Jill to her work bbq. Little did we know that Stacie would have a near death experience there! Among many children, some great bbq food and Jill's coworkers, Stacie was hit with a FLYING croquet ball! Fortunately it was in the shin and not in the head, regardless it was a very funny and obviously unexpected event! Knowing the sheer size and weight of a croquet ball, I wasn't sure weather to laugh or be concerned! Well I did both! The ball came flying towards all of us as we sat eating our food, as we all parted to dodge the ball, Stacie sat wondering what was going on, Just as the ball fell towards her and hit her in the shin! It was obvious that this had to have hurt but she took it like a trooper and was just fine! It was so funny!!
Shannon and I both wore red and white that night, Shannon polk-a-dots and I, stripes. Of course this had to be picture documented!

After some hamburgers, watching some soccer and croquet and a bit of mingling, we decided to head out. With the night still young, and nothing to do, we headed to Yogurt Stop! After some yumminess, we, as usual, got wrapped up in a photo shoot! I dont think that an activity can go by without some pictures taken! Thats one thing I love about these girls. We are always up for some picture taking and thats exactly what we did!
The night was so much fun and I was so happy to spend it with these girls! There is never a dull moment when we are together and I love every minute of it! =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

day out with the sistas!

Today was a great day! My sisters Molly and Sadie and I woke up this morning to hit the yard sales! We found come great deals and some awesome stuff! We grabbed some lunch and did a bit of cleaning and headed to the salon for nails and a pedicure! (check them out in the pic above) What better way to spend a Saturday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Blogging Partaaaaay!!!!

This is how it began! Well I needed some help learning how to blog, and Jill being the blogging pro, and the one that inspired me to enter the blogging world, was the perfect candidate to teach me! She was nice enough to agree so we decided to have a little blogging party! We had some Pei Wei take out. Yummy! But there was just one thing, they only gave us ONE fortune cookie! duh! So I said disapointedly, JILL! THEY ONLY GAVE US ONE, and proceeded to open the one that we did get.......only to find TWO fortunes in it! It was sooooo funny! What are the chances of that happening! It was Awesome!! We then proceeded to begin the blogging! But not without some photo taking of course! =)

Fun With the Girls!!!

Here are my most recent ventures, All with my wonderful girlfriends. First, thanks to my old friend Ian, I got 2 free tickets to the Fray Concert! Shannon was a great person to come along, because like me, she didn't know many of their songs! It was just something fun to go to on a nice summer night!

Next on the agenda was KIMMMMMM Yay! She was back in town from California and I was lucky enough to get to spend like 2 nights with her! I was very happy to have her back home for a short time! We of course went and had some dinner and some great girl talk. Kim is always so good to listen to me and where Im at in life cause she is in a similar place and can really relate to me and my thoughts and feelings on life and always has great insight =) Thanks Kim. Then Stacie met up with us and we went shopping and headed to the park for some more catch up and girl talk!

Two weekends ago, I recruted a new friend to the gal group! Shannelle has been a great addition!! I asked her to come along, to go on a stake single adult activity up at Pineview for the weekend. Well we didn't end up going, but came up with some fun of our own! We decided to head to Spaghetti Factory for some dinner. I just can't get enough of their Spaghetti with white clam sauce, so of course I got that. After dinner we headed to this Institute activity that a lady at my work told me about. We didn't know what to expect cause we didn't have many details on what the event was but we headed over with great and uncertain expectations! When we got there and there was a band playing. We decided to sit and "put out the vibes!" That wasn't working so well at first so we decided to move to a new location! We then started meeting people. The firs group of guys that we met wanted us to go iceblocking with them. After some small talk we decided that would be a fun summer night activity, however this particular night it was not so summery! It was freezing! So the plan was changed to a movie instead. So we told these guys to text us when they got to their destination and we would meet up with them once Shannon met up with us. Well on our way out to leave, we met another group of guys. Let me rephrase that, We met some HOTTT guys! That we actually close to our age! They were 30 and very goodlooking which is hard to come by! One of them was a recently graduated Orthadontist! The other just took the bar exam! HELLLOOO!!! We were intrigued to say the least. After some conversation, we all decided that we wanted to hang out with them and get to know them a little better =) They asked us what we were up to for the rest of the night and we told them we didnt really have any plans! So we ended up heading to Eaglewood to a party of a friend of Shanelle's. The boys followed! =) The end of the story isn't as exciting as I would like it to have been! Us girls weren't really feelin this party so we ended up leaving. The boys stayed =( Im hoping thats not the end of them so I will keep you posted on them =) We then went to Shannells' house for a recap of the night and a mini photo op! It was great to have Shannelle come hang out with us and she is so fun and alot like all of us girls! Its always great to find girls that you can get along with that share some of your common interests and views.

Which leads me to the most recent girl outing. This last weekend we headed to see the Improvables. I text Jill earlier in the week to come. It had been quite a while since I had seen Jill so I was so happy that she decided to come! The two of us met up earlier to do some shopping! We headed to TJ Maxx. A favorite of all of us girls! We then went and got some drinks, a quick bite for me, and then went and sat in the parking lot waiting for the show to start. We then got to have some Ashlee and Jill time! It was so much fun to laugh until we cried, well I think I was the one crying laughing so hard at what a dork I tend to be. Im so glad to have a friend like Jill that understands who I am. I know that I don't have to "impress" her and that I can say exactly what is on my mind and she seems to know exactly what I mean. It was some much needed one on one time with JILLY! Then stacie came and met up with us which was a fun surprise! We headed in and met Shannon and her little brother there. Of course some fun pics and then watched the show!

I have found that the older I get, the more I really cherish my friendships with the girls in my life. Its so important to me to have people in my life that share the same values and view that I do. They are in a simular place in life and it is so good to talk with them, listen to them and share such fun times with them. I am so glad that they except me for who I am. I have very few close friends, but the ones that I do have I truly Love each one of them for so many different reasons. From the new, to the old, they are all the greatest! Thanks Girls!!!!