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Monday, May 11, 2009

Jill's Birthday Bash CONT....

So we all headed to dinner, at Texas RaodHouse! On our way my car was acting up again and getting a little worse. But it got us there! We enjoyed a great dinner and enjoyed watching Jill Get a little birthday cheer on the saddle! After leaving dinner, I realized that there was something prety serious going on with my car. The radio was now not working and the lights were dimming and the horn was a hilarious little squeek rather than a loud horn! As much as I was worried and MAD about my car, the horn lightened the situation immediately. It was so funny to hear. I cant remember the last time that i laughed that hard at something so minimal.. a car horn! We could barely contain ourselves. So I decided to take it to autozone quickly to have them check my battery. Come to find it wasnt my batterm but my alternator! EVEN WORSE! So, eventhough the night was still young, and we had to be at an Improv show at 10:30, i decided to take my poor car home. That was easier said than done! I made it about 2 blocks away when it decided to die altogether! AAHHH Here we are, 4 girls, about to start walking up my hill when we saw a cop come up. Kim and Shannon flagged him down and he gave me a jump!

Which barely got me home before my car dies again right in from of my house! Luckily my sister was home to give us a ride to Shannons house to get her car! Thanks sis! And thanks Shannon for driving to the show! =)

We headed to the Improv Show and then called it a night. And what a long night it was! Needless to say, my car is now fixed! Has a new alternator thanks to my wonderful uncle Lance! As stressfull as it is to have car problems, it makes it a thousand time better when you have your close friends with you to help you see the lighter side of the situation! Thanks guys =)

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