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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Blogging Begins

Well here goes nothing! My first blog! Im a little behind the times with the whole blogging world, only because I have always felt that they were such a "young mom" thing to do, which I am far from! But......my perception of blogs has recently changed drastically thanks to my friends Shannon and Jill. They are both single like me and have the greatest blogs about their lives! I just love how a blog seems to help you see the smaller things that happen in life and look at them in a differnt light on a dailyl basis. A blog seems to make te everyday things into more of an event! So here is my blogging attempt! If you wish to see what is going on in my life, the crazy ups and possibly some downs, here it is, but I mainly have done this for myself. I love my life and I love the things that happen in my life and the oppertunities that I can create. So here goes nothing!!!

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