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Monday, February 8, 2016

May 2015 Recap!

A look at our month of May

We started out May with a Cinco de Mayo party of course! 
We had my family over for chicken enchiladas and other yummy Mexican goodies!

Watching the Cavs play with daddy 

The many faces of London Lou

Playing in the rain!

I love capturing little moments like these: 
This is what having a toddler often looks like
Piggies, babies, raisins, messes, wipes, elbow dimples and cute little toes!

We celebrated mothers day at Amber's. This girl must not have gotten the mothers day memo cause she wanted nothing to do with me, which meant she definitely wasn't going to sit for just one pic with her mama. little stinker ;)

We  spent much of the first of the month packing for our move to Provo.
Unfortunately London got really really sick. She had a really bad fever for a few days. Its always hard and stressful as a mama to see your baby so sick. We tried to ease her fevers with lavender sink baths and lots of cuddles.

All the moving boxes made for some good fort making for Aiden and I!

We got all moved and settled and started exploring our new city! Our condo was right by the Provo Bicentennial Park, which had a dog park where Dallas and Kirsti would bring Luna to play so we would meet them there sometimes to play with Luna.

My first little project at our new place was to make a seating area out on our deck.
I found a really pretty wood bench at the DI that fit this space perfectly. I went and picked up some cute little planter boxes at walmart along with a few flower plants and some string lights and made a cozy little area to relax! This got used after my nightly workouts for some Bachelor watching (which I have since decided to stopped watching lol)!

Another relaxing place that got used a lot in our new place was our gigantic garden tub! Boy do I miss that thing now!
I had to capture this because I thought it was funny that one of London's toys was joining me for my relaxing bath lol

And, since we were now in Provo, London and I hit up this place more times than I would like to admit!
Its just soooooo good!! Definitely in my top 5 favorite places to eat! YUM!

We wanted to take London camping, so we decided to have a trial run in the living room (Brock's brilliant idea). London is quite particular about being in her own bed to sleep, so we thought we would see how she did before we headed to the mountains and had to deal with a screaming child all night in the middle of no where. We lasted about 2 hours in the tent in the living room lol. (but when we went camping in August she did great!!)

And a few more randoms from the month of May:

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Baby Update 34 Weeks!!

     Well it has been 16 weeks since I last blogged/did a baby update so here I am.
One of my goals entering into this new year is to blog at least once a month. I am hoping to do way more than that cause I would really like to get somewhat updated on here, but I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself, so one per month it is! (I will scatter in a few baby bump pics throughout this post)

20 Weeks!

     I really should have done this update at 28 weeks, when I was still loving being pregnant, and everything was going so well! That's not quite the case now lol. 

     I am currently 34 weeks and 3 days. Once 30 weeks hit, things started to change a bit. I became super uncomfortable, pretty much no matter what i do. Sleeping sucks, I can't to much during the day, otherwise by the time evening comes, I can barely move because my back hurts so bad. That makes it really hard to get much done. Maybe one errand and that's it. When i push myself, which i usually do, i end up paying for it later.

24 weeks!!

     I really do love being pregnant, but the end of this pregnancy has been a lot more uncomfortable than my first. 
I have experienced some really painful discomfort in my pubic bone, which is new to me this time around. All around I am just much more uncomfortable. BUT....
I have  a healthy little baby growing inside me! As long as that is the case, this is all worth it

     Here are some more updates:

Weight gain: up until 28 weeks I was up like 5 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight thanks to working out with my trainer, And then we moved, and I had to quit with my trainer and now my total weight gain is around 23 lbs. I REALLY want to stay under what I gained with London which was 40, but I am slowly creeping up there. I guess I will be happy just as long as I don't go over that. 

Cravings: I have been craving fry sauce like crazy. I get fries with fry sauce every chance i get! I have also been craving mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. I can't even count how many bowls of that stuff I have had. And they aren't small bowls either! I just can't get enough! During the holidays I also ate a lot of celery with the squeeze cheese. I know, totally appetizing right?!

Names: We are super undecided on names. Brock now isn't totally set on Wesley for a boy because it reminds him of someone he knows. I am second guessing Evie, which is a name I mentioned liking in my last post. One we have added to the list of boy names is Dallas. I also heard a couple names yesterday I kinda liked for a girl, one was Tate, and the other was Hollis. The only problem with Hollis is it made me think of Hollister, which is annoying. Anyways I feel like our child is just going to remain nameless lol. 

Birth Center/Plan: Well since we have moved since my last post this has changed a little. We are now in North Salt Lake, so I can have the baby at the Salt Lake center!! I am soooo happy about that. They also have opened up a few other locations so the midwives don't rotate through each facility like they used to. There are now 3 midwives at my location that will stay at that location, which means that I wont get the midwife that I don't really like. (There is one there that I am not a fan of, and now I wont have to worry about her being at my birth!)
28 weeks!
Don't mind the mess from moving behind me, and we can thank London for the nasty mirror that needs to be washed!

     Other things of note:

I had my Gestational diabetes test done and that went well so that is good!
At my next appointment I will have my GBS test done, which will be interesting because with London I tested positive for Group G (not B) which is really rare,, the midwives hadn't even heard of it! I'm anxious to see what I test this time around!

I have started letting a little bit of anxiety creep in about giving birth, which I need to nix completely, but I know what to expect this time around, so it makes me a little nervous. With London, I prepared myself for MONTHS before she came, for a natural birth and it went perfectly. I just hope that it will happen that way this time around. 
I haven't been preparing myself this time around like I should be and really need to start working on my hypno babies tools!

    I guess that's all for now! If I remember anything else I will add it to the next update! Only 6 more weeks to go!!

32 weeks!!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015 Recap

     December was a really busy month for us! Not only because of the Holidays, but we had just moved from Provo to North Salt Lake. We found a rental there that was only a 6 month lease which is a big part of why we got it, because we were in the market looking for something to buy in Bountiful and we didn't want to be stuck in a year lease in case we found something that worked for us. Well, literally 2 days after we moved in, we found a house in Bountiful that was nearly perfect for what we needed/wanted. We were in the market for something that was big enough for our little growing family, but something that we could also add a mother in law apartment to in the basement (or find one that already had one) so that we could supplement some of the mortgage. The house we found had the perfect basement to put in a mother in law apartment and the price and size and everything else was just what we needed. We ended up putting an offer in and it got accepted!! I got to work getting the loan docs and putting numbers and estimates together for a new kitchen in the basement, and we needed to have a laundry room put upstairs since there was only the one in the basement. We had the inspection done and a couple contractors come in, and long story short, we ended up backing out of the house. It was a hard decision that we went back and forth on, and in the end we are hoping we made the right one! That is how the beginning half of our month was spent! 

Then of course we were able to do some fun Holiday things!
                         We went to temple square to see the lights! London loved all the lights!

I got the house unpacked as quickly as possible so we could get the Christmas decorations up and enjoy them for as long as possible!

Brock and I got in our monthly temple date night 

Aunt Krissie made London the CUTEST dress for her birthday!

We spent lots of warm cozy nights inside! We got a lot of snow in December! One of the snow storms was the worst Bountiful had seen in over three years! I measured our yard and we got 11"!

Watching Daddy shovel


This is the huge tree in our back yard, it was such a pretty view from our dining room window!

We have all loved having a fireplace!!

Some snugs with my babies!

Kordell came to Utah for Christmas so we got some Norton time in!

And of Course Christmas!!!

And next year, there will be 4 stockings!!

Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015 Recap

This is why I need to blog/journal more.... I forget what happened, so unless there was a major holiday, or pictures on my phone as proof of events, I don't remember what happened! November was busy with finding a place to live in Davis County, packing, moving and Thanksgiving with some down time mixed in there somewhere!

I must have hit my nesting phase because I tried several new recipes and made the bed on more than one occasion lol.

This middle recipe is one that I found on a blog that I have been following for a few years; Cherishing Hopes and Dreams. It quickly made the list of one of our favorites and we have made it several times since. 

I am going to add the recipe so I know I will always have it here! 
(The only thing we do differently is we don't add the tortellini) 
  1. 1 package frozen cheese tortellini
  2. 1 family size can (23 oz I think) of Campbelle's Tomato Soup, undiluted
  3. 2 cups vegetable broth
  4. 2 cups milk
  5. 2 cups half and half
  6. 1 teaspoon onion powder
  7. 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  8. 1 teaspoon dried basil
  9. 1/2 teaspoon salt
  10. 1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
  1. Cook tortellini according to package directions.
  2. While the tortellini is cooking combine the soup, broth, milks, and seasonings in a large pot. Heat through, stirring frequently.
  3. Drain the tortellini and carefully add it to the soup.
  4. Stir in the cheese.
  5. Enjoy!

One night Brock and I had a little family date night planned. After getting ready for the night, I decided that I needed a break from my moody 2 year old so what was supposed to be a family night, quickly turned into a date with myself!

this is my "save me from my two year old -slash- did i just get all ready for nothing" face

Daddy was more than willing to stay home with said 2 year old, so I ordered Spaghetti Factory take out, ate pasta peacefully in my car while I scrolled through my social media and listened to talk radio! I had some money from my little etsy shop so I went and did some shopping for a few things that I hoped would get me through winter with my growing belly (as well as a few other indulgent purchases) and made sure I didn't return until I knew she was sound in bed! It was glorious! I felt so much better with not an ounce of guilt, because us mamas need that every so often! I returned ready for a tomorrow (and the next day and the next) of mothering a two year old and growing a baby and being a wife, and everything in between! 
I got this cozy sweater that I love, and luckily still fits! 

This little body, I just want to squissssshhhhh!

Watching the very first "snos" as she calls it =)

Checking out our new place

And finally, Thanksgiving. This year was a Norton year so we headed to Ambers. 

Annnd of course, the late night leftover turkey sandwiches. Mmmm mmm mmm!